Appolo Technology  

Simulators are tools which imitates an act or motion in virtual reality effects  which have multifarious applications from Entertainments to  Spaceflights.

Simulators are  widely used in Entertainment purposes as it creates thrill and excitement to the visitors. These are available in both Captive and in Open configurations. In Captive Simulators, visitors are seated inside a capsule or room which are built over Hydraulic or Pneumatic  Jacks with left, right,  front  and backside  tilting mechanism. When the video is projected on the front screen, the visitors find themselves imitating the motion of the objects of the show . In open Simulators, visitors are seated  on the chairs and  drive the objects  by  themselves  shown on the LCD screen  in front of them. In some Sports Simulators, visitors  play games standing in front of the LCD screens.  

We  provide supplies  and installations of  Ride Simulators, Motion Simulators, Flight Simulators, Car Simulators, Train Simulators, Ship Simulators, Sports Simulators etc. and  offer technical training for operation as well as after sales services to the customers.