Appolo Technology  

4D  Effects Theatres are ingenious innovation in entertainment technologies  to create  virtual reality environments. Visitors  wearing specially made 3D Glasses  enjoy the hair raising  Video Shows.  Sometimes objects from the Screen appear  to  be jumping over  the visitors to make them frightened and trembled. Its atmospheric effects create Air Blasts, Water Sprays,  Snow, Fog , Aroma  etc. The Seats of the Theatre are specially made which create  Vibrations, Drops, Left-Right Tilts, Leg Ticklers, Neck Ticklers etc. to create thrill, excitements and  loud laughter the visitors  during of the time of shows.

4D  Effects Theatres come up with  High Definition 3D Projection Systems, Show Control,  Screen, Surround Sound, Lighting, Special Seats,  4D  Films,  3D  Glasses, and lots of other kits and accessories.  The Theatres are available in various sizes to accommodate Seating  arrangements as per requirements of the Customers.

Mobile 4D  Effects Theatres are also available on Trailers  which can be used for Schools,  Science Fair Grounds,  Parks and  Tourist Spots.