Appolo Technology  

We deal with world class Digital Planetariums  with Domes  in different dimensions as per requirements of the customers. In  Analog Planetarium, a  sturdy Star Projector with dozen of  Pinholes  or Lenses  around its  body  are installed  over a big area in the mid of the Theatre including some auxiliary projectors at the rear side. For Full Dome Video Shows, a big  70mm Film Projector is set up  near to Star Projector . It is  mundane technology  and  too  cumbersome for operation.

But in Digital Planetarium , a small box sized  Projector is placed at the centre of the Theatre  for projection of  Full Dome  Stars and  Celestial objects as well as tantalizing  Full Dome  Video  Shows  from space travel through the rings of Saturn to the tunnel of Black Holes. With Surround Sounds and special lighting effects,   audiences are immersed with an environment of  awesome  thrill and excitement. 

Our  Portable Planetariums  imitates the identical functions with  projection of Celestial  objects as well as Full Dome hair raising Video Shows. Domes are Inflatable and made from thick synthetic fabrics  which  are inflated by handy  pump machine and deflated by unscrewing the valves . Both Projector and Dome are put in Carry Cases to move to different sites for operations.