Appolo Technology  

Telescopes are the indispensable tools for the observations of celestial objects and younger generations around the world  are showing  increasing  zeal and enthusiasm  for sky observation. We have a series of Telescopes from  amateur  to professional sky observation purposes  including  Binoculars,  Cornado,  Findersopces,  Astro-Cameras and lots of  kits and accessories  manufactured by  Meade , Celestron, Zeiss  and other leading companies in the USA and Europe. 

We also help to set up  small and medium sized   Astronomical Observatories for the Universities as well as  large Observatories for  Observational Research  Activities  by professional Astronomers  which are  available in both Optical and Infrared  formats.  

Our experience in Telescope technologies  comprises over 2 decades  so  customers can be rest assured of their  right selection of the Telescopes and other  kits  including  our  erection ,operation and after sales services.